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Welcome to our family of happy clients enjoying our low cost Internet Advertising Services. Couple this with our ad agency marketing services and you can achieve overnight branding and success. This service is directed toward anyone that needs broad coverage yet inexpensive marketing. BVG can provide you with world wide advertising for very little capital investment. Even the smallest of businesses can afford these reasonable rates.

What you will get in our Bahamas Web Page Internet Advertising Packages:

One professionally prepared Web Page, hosted at our Web site, Search Engine optimization, the listing of your page with popular search engines, on-line directories and very exclusive linking systems that massive audience leaders such as Google find acceptable. A photo at full size or several smaller photos, of your choice placed in your ad, file maintenance and updates.

Your ad may include:

Please inquire about these additional options and services:

Other policies

We can also offer Bahamian businesses or offerings the added bonus of inclusion within the Bahamas Vacation Guide. You are automatically included on all category pages which your product or service fits into. This will increase your traffic due to our well search engine indexed web site.


If you would just like a link from the Bahamas Vacation Guide from a specific category page, for a specific island, they are extremely inexpensive. You can obtain a link from Bahamas Vacation Guide for $150 annually (only $12.50 per month!).

Banners from our Bahamas Vacation Guide category pages are from $300 per quarter (minimum 3 month run). Banners from The Bahamian category pages are only $160 per quarter (minimum 3 month run). Banners from other pages are available.

New: Text link on individual pages toward top of Bahamas Vacation Guide for $150 per quarter on category pages (home page $375 per quarter)

Don't need to be associated with either guide? No problem call, fax or email us with your requirements for a fast, no obligation quote.

We also offer straight web hosting with a number of plans and abundant services included in each.

Have a web site needing promotion? Not sure why you fail to show up in the search engines? We can help well designed and optimized sites place better with our search engine promotion services. Our rates are $99.75 for six months or $195.00 for a year of search engine submission services. If your problem lies with the design of your web site and lack of proper key phrase implementation we can help. We can provide a written evaluation for one web page for $70.00. We will provide recommendations, web page design issues and means of correction as well as recommendations for necessary meta tags, title tags and link title tags. If you can't make the corrections we can redesign or implement the web site optimization for $110 per hour. We can also negotiate package rates or *free hand* rates.

For more information or to request our services E-Mail Us at Or telephone us at 242-602-0658 or fax us at 242-602-0658 or US Line (954) 640-8552.

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